From our breeders

Shipped Directly from our breeders. The following list of reptiles is available for sale as of 10/6/2020.

Terms of Conditions

1. Please Contact Us to see if the animal is available and pricing from our breeders. Please include the name of the animal and zip code. 
2. Sadly there is no photos available from our breeder.
3. Once the customer decided to purchase the animal, we would send you an invoice with the name of the animal, cost and the shipping charges. Once you have approve and pay the invoice  we would start to process the order and as soon as it ships you will receive the tracking number.
4. You will need to sign for the package on the first delivery attempt. 
5.. In case of DOA's you will need to let us know within 2 hours with picture(s) of the animal on its back for credit. 


Name Description
 Corn Snakes
King Snakes
Albino Mosaic Florida King (Lampropeltis getula ) CB BABIES
Black & White Banded California King (Lampropeltis getula) CB BABIES
Brooksi X Goini King-ADULT MALE (Lampropeltis getula ) ADULT MALES