Elite Goldfish Bowl Filtration Kit


Elite Goldfish Bowl Filtration Kit

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The Elite Goldfish Bowl Accessory Kit provides you with all the necessary tools to continue to keep your fishbowl in top condition. The kit comes with a replaceable filter cartridge, an under gravel filter plate, an Elite 799 Air Pump, 20″ of airline tubing and a plastic plant. The Elite Goldfish Bowl Accessory Kit is a great way to ensure your tanks filtration will operate smoothly.

  • Provides Filtration for Your Small Aquarium
  • Kit Comes With Tools to Help Keep Your Small Aquarium Clean
  • Helps to Keep Water Clear
  • Comes With Small Plant So Your Fish Can Hide
  • Great for Aquariums up to 1 Gallon

NOTE: Install air pump on a level surface above the aquarium. If the air pump is placed below the waterline always use a check valve. Never place the air pump where it can come in contact with water. Verify that the airline is kink-free and that the attachments are clean and do not restrict airflow.

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