GloFish White/Blue LED Aquarium Light


GloFish White/Blue LED Aquarium Light

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GloFish LED Aquarium Lights are the best way to get the very most out of your GloFish fluorescent fish aquarium! Each brilliant LED fixture offers two modes of dazzling light: Blue Only Mode to create a uniquely fluorescent look, and White and Blue Mode to create vibrant, tropical colors. Installation is fast and easy, so you can get your fish tank glowing right away!

  • Make any aquarium a GloFish aquarium
  • Two modes of lighting to highlight GloFish fish and decor in stunning ways
  • Quick, easy installation

We carry a wide variety of unique and interesting GloFish products and decorations. Be sure to check out our whole selection to get the most out of your GloFish tank!

10 Gallons: 13″ LED stick for 10 gallon aquariums
55 Gallons: 2 x 13″ LED sticks for 29 & 55 gallon aquariums

Included in the box:

  • LED Light (waterproof)
  • Frame Clip
  • Cord Routing Clips (2)
  • Light Switch
  • Low Voltage Transformer

Quick Installation:
1. Clip LED light into the front of the aquarium frame.
2. Hide wires with routing clips.
3. Plug in and make a drip loop for safety.
4. Place light hood or glass canopy on aquarium.

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