K & H Bird Bath De-Icer – Super Ice Eliminator


K & H Bird Bath De-Icer – Super Ice Eliminator

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The K and H Super Ice Eliminator birdbath de-icer uses a unique, low-energy design to keep water liquid in even the most frigid conditions. With a naturalistic rock design, it makes any birdbath a haven for the birds that forgot to fly south for the winter.

  • Maintains liquid water down to -20° F
  • Completely safe for all birdbaths, including plastic
  • Natural rock finish can be spray-painted any color to match every birdbath

The Ice Eliminator has a durable, easy-to-clean enamel finish that will not calcify, rust or leave stains, keeping your birdbath pristine. Its low wattage makes it more energy efficient than most other birdbath de-icers. MET listed for safety.


  • 50 Watt: 7″L x 3″W x 1″H
  • 80 Watt: 6.5″L x 3.25″L x 1″H
  • 18″ cord
  • 3-year limited warranty

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