Penn Plax 5 Plus Breeder & Display Tank


Penn Plax 5 Plus Breeder & Display Tank

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The Penn Plax 5 Plus Breeder, Nursery and Display Tank is specially designed to meet the unique breeding needs of just about any type of community fish, including live-bearers, egg-layers and young fry or hatchlings. May be used for one or two adult fish at once.

  • Versatile 5 function specialty tank
  • For live and egg bearing fish
  • Excellent for raising fry

Versatile features include:
-Single live-bearer trap
-Double live-bearer trap
-Egg-layer rod trap
-Nursery tank
-Single or double betta display tank
-Single or double isolation tank

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Dimensions 4.25 × 8.1 × 4.2 cm