Zilla Fortified Food for Juvenile Iguanas


Zilla Fortified Food for Juvenile Iguanas

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A young iguana (generally less than 12″ in nose-to-tail length) must eat differently than mature pets to promote long-term healthy tissue and bones. Zilla meets these special needs with a food richer in calcium and other nutrients, in a recipe adjusted to the daily feeding schedule that top breeders recommend for juveniles.

  • Formulated to promote growth
  • Added calcium for bone health
  • Packaged for easy merchandizing

The necessary minerals are blended with a pet-pleasing mix of plant and flower analogues, shaped and sized for maximum attractiveness and healthy digestion without chewing. An ideal base food for a long life of glowing good health, packaged in a shelf-friendly jar with labeling that attracts iguana owners.

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